Pipeline Laser Raygun


We are fueling spiritual curiosity from a nerd’s eye view,

a sister ministry of Spiritual Headlines

Contributors are members of Christ’s Bridal Party and Royal Priesthood, who are assigned honorary figurative spiritual superhero avatars as a promise of things to come. We are persons who will be receiving a crown and REWARDS, upon completion of a lifelong spiritual marathon. We have not yet entered into a fullness but we are already authorized to wield God weaponry, prayerfully.
Spiritual Headlines was born in 2005 out of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy in the United States, trying to get urgent developing updates across to seasoned spiritual prayer warriors, at that time.
Here is a link to a LIVE-radio interview that the THEN Mayor of New Orleans gave, which served as the birth pangs of THIS ministry platform:
You will find stories here that cover the globe which benefit from an analysis using Christianity.

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